People Involved

Joseph Dunne:

Joseph Dunne is an actor, workshop leader and researcher. Specialisms include 20th and 21st Century acting methodologies, with particular interest in Michael Chekhov’s ‘embodied imagination’; the documentation of live performance and audience as living document, the performance of the archive.

Joseph Dunne’s website

Mads Floor Andersen:

Mads Floor Andersen is an artist, whose work span within the realm of performance and performative explorations. The core of his practice is to facilitate and create meetings and points of dialogue, explored through an active engagement with the location and specificity he moves within – focusing especially on the social and ecological elements, as well as drawing from his subjective experiences and encounters.

Mads Floor Andersen’s website

Cara Davies:

Cara is a performance artist and digital archivist. Activating an interdisciplinary approach to practice-led research Cara’s work probes how the human form is encapsulated in the frame of a performance, document and archive. Physically and digitally she challenges how this encapsulation of experience can impart an understanding of identity, questioning the function and relationship of the body to performance.

Cara Davies’ website

Ashleigh Griffith:

Ashleigh is an interdisciplinary artist and practice-led researcher. Making art and performance that is radically small, she explores the intricacies and simplicities of the human experience. She seeks to engender collaborative encounters that blur the distinctions between artist and audience. Working across a range of sites, she can be found in a gallery space or a public space; a theatre or a piece of paper.

Ashleigh Griffith’s website