i see what we see

‘i see what we see’

Thank you for taking the time to pause your journey.

How are the bodies moving here? Where are they going? Do you believe they are conscious of how they are moving through the city?”

i see what we see is a provocation. A Woman’s voice asks the participants to look around – “what do you see?”

It is an explorative walk, inviting participants, to view their surroundings with a different focus. Getting a chance to trace their path and see what might unfold around the corner. Every place is full of stories, some are personal, others are forgotten in the ruins and a few are made up.

Tracing the Pathway is curious to see what the city looks like through other people’s eyes. We’re curious to see how different people see different things, walk different roads and take different turns. We’re curious about how to see a subjective path might unfold along other subjective paths: creating a vibrating map of a city of singularities, weaving in and out and in parallel to each other.

Each participant is asked to document their walk, in one way or another. These fragments will be collected in an online archive – disjointed from its location, to create a fragmentary whole. A city of plurality, the city we will see together.

‘Before then I had known only the desert and the caravan routes.
In the years that followed, my eyes returned to contemplate the
desert expanses and the caravan routes; but now I know this path
is only one of many that opened before me on that morning in Dorothea.’
-Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities

[The online archive will be available soon]

The next iteration of i see what we see will be at Streetlights Festival, Oxford (22nd-23rd November 2014).

If you have taken part in i see what we see and would like to send us your journey, please send:

digital items to: tracingthepathway@yahoo.co.uk

physical items to: Tracing the Pathway ℅ Ashleigh, Almshouse No. 4, Milton Keynes Arts Centre, Parklands, Great Linford, MK14 5DZ

Thank you.


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