‘Glancing Back’

Glancing back was a research project, exploring the notion of ‘Glancing Back’. The research culminated in three exploration.

Glancing back: Tempting FailureGlancing back: Glancing BackGlancing back: Tracing


A glance is a snippet.

A glance has a focus, yet it is not analytical (though glancing can turn into a studying ‘look’ or ‘stare’).

A glance is a reaction, caused by something external, which has drawn the ‘glancer’s’ attention.

A glance is a sensitivity to one immediate surroundings.

A glance can never stand alone, it is part of a line-of-flight.

A glance is not dwelling in the past, since a glance is only in the doing – though it can work as a springboard to reflect on the events causing the glance, which can thereby cause or trigger a trajectory of thoughts through time, memory and history.

A glance can also be a confirmation (of what one saw) – a double-take, which can then turn into a ‘look’, ‘stare’, ‘study’.

By ‘glancing backwards’ a sense of tracing is put into play, especially by double-take, which is re-tracing what one saw.
‘Glancing backwards’ though, is not, in itself, a tracing, only any attempt to recap it is an act of facing the past and one will thereby lose touch with the future – though the connection between past, future and present is as vibrant as ever.

What is the relationship between:




conscious and unconscious act of looking or staring?



back and forward?


past, future, present?


When one searches the past through ‘glances backwards’ one will only ever find glimpses… and those glimpses are even in themselves fragmented