Glancing Back: Tracing

A documentation walk through the city of Bristol October 2011. A day of re-tracing and glancing back at the project 24:Bristol by Mads Floor Andersen

Documentation can be viewed below, photographs taken by Cara Davies.

Memory glancing of the walk:

Looking at the map – giving up (almost) The woman next door with all the odd bits Train tunnel – black/dark Blur pillars Storker Right way, wrong way Young kids on chairs outside the cafe Erasing traces Scrutinising the word glimpses Elderly woman in motorised scooter Red postbox in the wall Lunch on the bench Hopping on the coloured lines Screaming colours Staring glancing, looking observing Gathering photographs Soil Leaving behind Deafening sounds of the workmen New steps on the path Holocultural wonderment Train journey Yellow sunflower Side-glance Ever present and absent hand prints Tour Roaming with intent Tea and coffee and cake Eventually coming to terms with the fact that our bodies might not complete the task Knowledge of the route fragmented but pieced together by doing Guiding expectations to uncover the unexpected Doing of  the steps revealing the path Tracing a somewhat ephemeral route Enlightening enjoyment a sense of accomplishment inside to a previous process SLOW absence Elevator escalator morning memory You are here and that is okay